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Enter the bee eater.

Dream: I was sleeping when something bit me. Weird as it may seem, the moment of the bite didn’t wake me up, it was the symptom of itchiness, I was scratching my hands, feet and the side of my body. I woke up and discover 3 sets of needle like holes on each of my hands, feet and side of my body. All of the holes have the same pattern. The middle hole being higher than the other two. I squeeze them out and a black ball comes out with maggots and bugs in it. I ask my sister what’s happening to me, and she told me it’s the bee eater. Before I went to sleep in my dream, we were playing a game of ‘say what you see’, and at first it was fun, until you can’t say anything else and then it becomes dark and somewhat scary. But I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t scared throughout the dream. I guess it’s safe to say that I was in control of my senses. In the game I see it was my sister’s turn, she was having fun at first, laughing and whatnot with friends and siblings. Then she starts to stumble, I hear her voice transition from a giggle to a panic state or worry. It was getting dark and blurry. I never played the game, or have I? Everything happened at night. I wouldn’t call it a nightmare cause I wasn’t scared, but rather curios of everything. Everything was hauntingly fascinating for me. Maybe it was intended to scare me.

Posted 4 months ago

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