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I am or I am working in a library and get plenty of unopened envelopes in my hand by an employer, a chinese boy who stands right next to me.
They were addressed wrong at first but finally I have them after a long while. I am opening 1 envelope and I am getting 1 handwritten letter in blue ink from my former employer.It describes the work that have been doing and still is active, she also mentioned 1 thing in a short sentence about my ex colleague: “X was so sweet for you”.
I felt really discomforting and I didn’t know how fast I had to put this letter away.

I thought about the days when X and I were colleagues and those moments where I had trouble acting normal around him or was too shy to talk to him because I was afraid of saying something stupid.
I also knew that if my former employer knew about my feelings for him that the whole company was aware of my feelings for him.

There is still an extra letter in the envelope, this time it is typed in black on yellow. A list of names of employees and their job description state is described in it. I’m looking very volatile for my name at the list of temporary workers but I didnt find it and was hoping that it would not be mentioned.
The name of X is at the top and I see the English word ‘ more ‘ as a describtion of his work. It tells me that he would probably have more responsibilities within the company by now.

Out of curiosity I open the other envelopes. Now I’m sitting outside in a forest with my black coat on, my black bag on my right shoulder and a black bicycle shed on my left side. I sit half on a black wooden bench. In front of me I can see a path that leads to the exit of the forest. It is a beautiful clear day and the sun is shining through the tall trees, I eat candy.

In the other envelopes I see the same typed note as in the first one. There is nothing new in those ther envelopes.
I read the one handwritten letter again in the first envelope and I am glad I have this note. I feel good about it now.

I look at my bag and see some white powder from the candy on the left corner on my bag. I’m opening my bag and see my blue ants inside it. I’m putting the handwritten letter inside of the bag and I am preparing to go to work by bike following the path.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (4)

Interpretation #1

Envelopes in ones dream represents unexplored opportunities.

 The fact that you had plenty of unopened envelopes, means that there are plenty of opportunities that you did not look at. You must explore the opportunities, and your life may be filled with more wealth, health, and happiness.

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Answered By: fatefate( points Novice)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

I was in a dream and suddenly saw an enevelope rising out from the seas… and stood and watched in awe! the envelope seemed stuffd with plenty thns which cldnt identify. please want to know the meaning

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

Getting a white envelope that has my name on it from someone i dont know

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

i was given awhite envelope from with my name from someone i dont know

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