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Everybody Dies

I’ve been having the same dream for about a month, but each time it gets a little bit longer.
My dream was finally completed last night.
I dreamt that I was in my car outside of my work parking lot. When I got out all of the asphalt disappeared and a moat surrounded my work. A random man with a black blurred out face gave me a ride on his boat to my work. Once I walked in the doors I found myself in an old fashioned town with the cobble stone streets and iron lamp posts. I walked into a store which I am assuming that I owned and found my mom painting a naked girls nails. As soon as I walked in she said she had to leave. The naked girls face had a black blur as well but she handed me a nail file and I started to file my nails but when I looked down my hands were just skeleton, the bones looked almost rotting.
I heard a scream and when I ran out of my store I found myself back in my workplace again. I found my seat and started my work routine when a loud horn blasted over the intercom and bow and arrows came flying through the windows, when the people hit the floor the whole place came up in flames and everybody was burnt seared on the floor except me and my group of friends who were sitting there playing a card game and unphased about what was happening. I was trying to scream at them to come with me and that we needed to leave, but none of them listened to me. So I ran. I ran out the doors to find the security guard without a head laying on the floor; blood everywhere.
When I continued my way through the other doors I found many more headless bodies filled in the elevators and down the stair case. I started to run down the stairs when my work crush appeared at the bottom, blocking me from getting out.
I tried to push him out of the way and convince him to leave with me, but in an almost robotic movement he pointed at the top of the stairwell and said “You cant leave, you are already dead” I turned around in my dream and saw my head stuck into the wall with a bow and arrow and my body drained of blood on the floor.
I turned back around to say something to my work crush, but when I did I was in a funeral home, filled with a bunch of headless naked people. I walked up to the casket and my mom was crying over my decapitated body. The doors to the funeral home burst open and my ex husband came in. I was angry for him being there and I was trying to scream at him to leave, but he didn’t hear me. He walked up, looked down at my body, and then lifted a gun and shot my mom. Her head exploded and then I woke up.

Again I’ve been having this dream non stop for about a month, now that it’s finally over I’m a little worried about what it may mean.

Posted 2 years ago

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