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Evil spirit?

Okay well it started off nice with me having to wear adult diapers because of some bladder problem that the doctors cannot figure out yet so my sister and her friend had to watch me and they really did do a good job because it was a mess in the house when my mom came home and my mom took me to the school to grab my stuff since I had apparently stay home for like a while and we seen my boyfriend and his family and I was like “hey babe” and he was picking up his sisters to put in the car and the next thing I know we magically make it in front of my moms friends house me and my mom and “Mike” so we go in and turns out her friend is dating up my mom’s ex-boyfriend “Chuck” who has a kid togetherand I guess her best friend over so I walk around this house and this were it becomes the creepy partbecause I finally sat down and it was nice because my mom and her were talking and then I looked down at my phone which I have not touched yet at all in the dream and my camera was open and the camera was facing towards my legs so I looked down and there was a picture of a dead woman on my phone so I was like all right this is weird and I looked up and down this woman’s hallway and the very last room the door was open and there there was that woman she was dead like a spirit and she was staring at me like she was sinister looking with a creepy smile and sharp teeth and my mom looks up and she goes “I see it”and you told “Michael”to take me out before I have a freak out and we stay outside for a few minutes we come back in and I look down the hallway And the woman was gone so I was like all right she’s gone so i sit down I look back up and she’s sitting on a vanity like half naked and like her face is in the mirror looking towards me look like a camera was in her hand so it looks like maybe she was trying to take a picture of herself in “that way” and the woman of the house was like oh yeah we have spirits and I’m thinking why didn’t you tell us this when we came in this house so I guess we had a ghost expert come in the house and take pictures to see if she was there or not so I went to go sleep in the bedroom with the little girls i was in the room and I turned around because I thought something was right behind me and it was one of those dreams that you know you’re dreaming and you feel everything so I turn around and there’s nothing there so I go to my parents that are in the other room and sit down and I’m like OK I’m not moving until like we leave The guy starts taking pictures of the house and shows us them and he’s like she’s gone so we look through them and I guess a picture caught my mom’s eyes and she’s zoomed in to like little orbs of light eyeballs I guess and then I woke up

Posted 2 years ago

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