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Ex and his new girlfriend…

Last night. I had an extremely vivid dream. It was about my ex and his what you can call “girlfriend”. The dream was that she and him both had wanted me to come over and tell me something. For some reason my mom went with me. I was waiting in a room with her, and then his girlfriend comes in the room to get me, we hug each other as if we were best friends (which in real life, is the complete opposite; as she does not like me, I don’t necessarily have a problem with her but you can say she isn’t my cup of tea either), once we were done hugging and odd enough also smiling at each other, she brings me in the room where my ex is at. He’s there on the bed and then she takes a seat on the bed… On the bed there is not one, there is not two–but three babies, you can say about the age of toddlers. Basically they told me that whatever was going on between them was happening for a long time. My ex looked at me with eyes filled with such disappointment, as if he wished the kids that were on the bed were mine and his. She didn’t say anything it was mainly him speaking. I’m guessing she wasn’t talking because she felt as maybe she has won, and she has him “forever”. I’m not so sure what this dream means… Me and my ex haven’t spoken in a month and a half, and in real life he is with the girl that was in the dream, but in real life they are not that serious. What I will say about my ex is he was the love of my life, and the light of my love (unfortunately I will always feel the way for him) but I have accepted that our relationship is over..idk. Can someone interpret what this dream might mean…?

Posted 11 months ago

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