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Ex Best Friend

My best friend of three years and I had a falling out over a year and a half ago over boys and friends and such ( just stupid stuff). I never really made up with her – even though I wanted to. She decided she would rather spread rumors about me around the school until I finally moved to another school (but, I have heard she still talks a lot about me). I have been happy without her, made new friends, and I can go weeks without even thinking of her. Last night, though, out of no where I had a dream with her in it. We were at my old school, and I was hanging out with some old friend, though I can’t remember who they were now. I knew I didn’t go to that school anymore, but I was there for some sort of game, maybe football, but we were playing with toy blocks ( like Legos). I was walking around and she spotted me, and immediately rushed over to me; but she didn’t look the same. Before we had our falling out, she cut her hair short and dyed it black. But in my dream, her hair was back to its original long length and brown. She acted like nothing ever happened for a second, and like we were still friends. I looked at her and said “we’re not friends anymore remember? You said you hated me and spread rumors about me.” she looked a little ashamed and said she was sorry and she didn’t mean to, and then held out a kitten for me, telling me the mom died. That’s when I woke up. Sorry for so much detail!

Posted 1 year ago

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