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So for the last two nights I’ve been dreaming about my ex. The first night we were with a friend of mine at someone’s house and while my friend was organizing something we were all talking, my ex and I on the bed. It wasn’t sexual, we were just messing around like friends and after a while and right before the dream ended, out of nowhere (at least from what I remember from the dream, it’s a bit fuzzy) my friend says something like “that’s because he still likes you and I don’t know about you”. I then woke up.
My second dream is even fuzzier as I can only recall emotions but I remember “feeling” him around during the whole thing and there was sex involved, that I remember but I don’t think it was with him.
We broke up about 3 months ago and haven’t really seen each other but I still think about him a bit and I’m not currently in a new relationship although he is.

Posted 3 years ago

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Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

Its just sweetheart that he was thinking about you before sleeping that is why people come in your dreams. You should contact him asap

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