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Ex boyfriend

For two consecuitive nights I’ve had dreams about my ex boyfriend and his girlfriend. In the first one we were at a party with our friends, his family and gf. When I got up to go talk with my friend and say him or whatever, someone starts grabbing my waist and hugging me from behind, kissing my shoulder then I turn around and see that it’s my ex and say “do I look like you girlfriend?” He totally freaked out and ran away. As I went to go say hi to his parents, I saw his girlfriend. We made no contact what so ever in this dream but a glance. Anyway as I was talking I said I think I have a fever and my ex comes back out of nowhere about 5 seconds later saying I think Im running a fever… His mom said that that makes both of us. Then as I got up to go get food he got up to go to the restroom and as I’m coming back he grabs me and looks me dead in the eye and says “you know what… It is my fault.” Then I wake up. My second dream, to shorten things up, was where him and his girlfriend were actually at my house but he and I were on the couch while she was at the dinning table. We ended up flirting and play fighting and gave me play kisses on my forehead then said “I missed you”. We then got up and I talked to his girlfriend who really really liked me apparently and I got to know things about her just through my dream that could be true in reality. When he decided to drive her home and I was about to go to sleep, I hear a knock on my door. I open it and it’s my ex just standing there… Then I wake up. What do these dreams mean!? Please help

Posted 2 years ago

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