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Ex boyfriend

I was at my ex boyfriends house in the dream talking with his mom and I remember her telling me that the bay bridge had collapsed and i was in shock like how did that happen? and I remember my ex walking in and wanting to talk about his life and how he’d been feeling but i decided not to care for it so i left and went home. Once I arrived home something made me go back to his house and hear him out so I walked into the kitchen and his mom was on the phone and cooking and she told me to ‘give her a moment’ so I went to her room and laid behind her bed and i was like hiding from my ex seeing me and I remember a guy I’ve never seen saw me through the window and ran to tell my ex and so my ex walks in the room so i pretend to be asleep and my ex starts talking to me thinking I am asleep saying: ‘I love you, I wish nothing but the best for you and I left you so you could be happy but you’ll always be my best-friend and one day when we are both ready under Christ fully developed in Christianity I promise you we will get back together. From there it jumped to my job (I am a server) and I remember my ex and his girlfriend walking in and there was a little three year old girl who I knew and would take care of and I remember my ex left and only his gf was left at my job and she was carrying the little girl and in my head I was like why is she holding her? that’s mine! Right after that I see her wearing my jobs uniform and ‘I’m like you have to be kidding me, are you serious right now’ You guys hired my ex boyfriend new girl. That’s not cool, how would you do that ?
Can someone interpret this ? Thanks

Posted 7 months ago

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