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Ex girlfriend

I watched that Scott Pilgrim movie two weeks ago and ever since then I keep having dreams about my ex girlfriend getting super powers and ruining my life.

Posted 6 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

What you probably need to do is let go of the memories from that time of your life. Unless you’ve recently broken it off with someone, then an ex appearing in your dreams can have a pretty significant meaning. Your ex was once a person too, and like most people that we dream about, it’s reasonable to assume that your Ex is most likely more symbolic than anything else. If your ex was a doctor, a teacher, a liar, or a cheater, then your subconscious could be using her face as representation of those things. You should also consider the time in your life when you were dating this person. When was it? Were you happy? Miserable? Confused about your purpose in life? Your dream is likely trying to make you consider all of these things so that you can acknowledge any similarities with the current scheme of things.

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Answered By: Marianna Feehery(1 points Novice)
Interpretation #2

You have developed a fear in your mind that your girl friend would bring problems into your mind. Try to understand her and try to believe in yourself and your girl friend. As relationship is a thin thread between 2 persons which can break if either one pulls harder.

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Answered By: gnp2308(54 points Slumber Master)

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