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Executed at gunpoint.

A few things before I start, there was no sound of any sort and speech was somehow conveyed in a way that I understood intention without hearing it, tough to explain. I could not discern faces either and everything looked like it was done in technicolor.

So in my dream, I was this person in some sort of tropical setting, I had a sense that it was not me and that I was merely experiencing someone else’s perception. The dream starts with me talking to some people in military uniform in the back porch of my house, they were officers of some sort. I did not not want to give up my house so they calmly marched me to a shed in the backyard and forced me on my knees. I did not attempt to fight or struggle, a part of me knowing the futility of it and perhaps wanting to retain some dignity? At this point I started to feel fear. I watched the man on my right pull his pistol out, and nervously looked at some really young person in uniform in front of me who was holding some sort of assault rifle. I realized this would be the last thing I see as the cold steel of the pistol was gently pushed against my right temple. There was a brief pause, which felt like an eternity – and then nothing, no bang.
I felt myself rushing very quickly through what can only be described as black clouds. It was a distinctive feel, I felt warm and fuzzy at the same time an intensity that you only get from riding a roller coaster. All throughout the black clouds sequence I could still feel my body twitching. I knew I was dead, my mind dying and I was disappointed that it had to end like that.

And then I woke up, I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved to be alive as that moment when you realize it was just a dream. The black clouds sequence was really intense, I’ve never experienced something quite like it in a dream before, so I though I would share.

Posted 3 years ago

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