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Falling in love with someone

I was in a hospital carrying a burger for me to eat i was walking around with my brother then i got lost but i found a door that was open i found a cute kid(Somewhere between 8-9) he has black/dark brown hair, tanned skin with blue eyes his eyes were beautiful he wouldn’t eat the food the nurse was giving him i walked in and the nurse went out i gave him my hamburger he ate it and suddenly looked at me with his blue eyes and he asked me to sing a love song to him i sang a filipino love song and then we fell asleep in the same bed when i woke up (in the dream) i looked around i saw his original clothes they were weird looking he has 2 hats one was blue, black and white and was covered with chains and the other one was a straw hat and it was also covered in chains next to it was a pile of chains it was in one piece his clothes were folded and it was white and blue and some parts were covered in chains the chains were silver when i was going to touch the pile of chains someone turned me around and when i looked at that person it was the kid but he was older we looked at each other neither of us were talking when we look into each others eyes it’s like we were talking but not using our voice its confusing but its what i can say he held me there and he kissed me then we walked towards the bed and fell asleep in the sleep i felt someone caress my face it was sweet and peaceful i leaned into the touch and the person caressed my face until i fell back asleep i smiled in the sleep when i woke up (in the dream) he was gone along with his clothes i ran out to find him i found a nurse playing with a girl the girl was wearing a white and blue shirt that oddly looked like his shirt but a tiny version i asked them if they found a guy with black/dark brown hair, blue eyes and tanned skin and wearing clothes similar clothes with that girl they said no and i tried to find him but i found nothing when i woke up i looked around my room he wasn’t there my heart was beating so fast it was heartbreaking when i knew that it was a dream

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

To fall in love with someone in your dream and then finding the person missing shows that your journey of love may be difficult and tiring. The dream is asking you to be cautious in matters of love because you may fall hard for someone you barely know. This is not an extremely great thing as when the guy disappears from your life, you are going to feel wrecked and lost. So, be cautious but at the same time be prepared to fall in love too as the dream is hinting at the start of flames of romance.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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