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i was on a star , and i had to jump on the earth, so it was a really really huge jump that i had to take!!the earth looked like a round well from above, and the upper layer, on which i would be landing upon, was a hard cloth which was suspended or tied firmly to sides of the i knew that even if i jump from this height, i would not get injured. so i took the risk and jumped though there was anticipatory anxiety. it seemed like a very big acheivement, as if i ve performed a impossible task.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (4)

Interpretation #1

Sometimes falling or the feeling of falling in a dream is just the astral body coming back into the physical body and if it’s too sudden there is a memory of falling.

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Answered By: TravelLight27(140 points Dream Expert)
Interpretation #2

Yes, indeed, the dream is something to be very proud off. The fact that you were high up in the sky means that you would taste great levels of success. Generally, falling down in dreams suggest downfall, but here you were jumping back to the place you belong. This means that despite the huge success, which you would get, you would not forget your roots and this fact would further boost your success rate as not every one remembers to acknowledge the people who were the cause of their success. Also, the fact that you could not be injured in the jump means that you would reach an invincible state of success.

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #3

Very good dream. My feeling is that a star in this context could represent a wish, or a directional guide to light your way along a new path, etc. I believe your being on a star may have something to do with a wish or desire you have to do something new, a new direction or path to try in your life. Do you have any new projects or changes in your life you are considering, maybe a new career choice, moving to another city, or other big change you have been contemplating? Whatever it is, it is a huge step for you, a big leap, and there’s a possibility of falling down a dark hole (the well in your dream). But the well is covered, and so you are protected, and so you should know that taking this new step is something that you will be successful at and you should not be afraid. You should not leave this new idea “up in the air” with the stars, you should plant your feet on the ground, bring it down to earth, and put your plan into action. 

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Answered By: MikeM(5 points Novice)
Interpretation #4

thank u all very much for the interpretrations!

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Answered By: sheashea(26 points Dream Interpreter)

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