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Fell in love with a killer?

I had a dream that my friend Kyle bought me pink shoes and then Kennedy, his ex, was near his apartment so he hit her over the head with the wrapping inside the shoe box some how and like .. this whole other part happened in the dream but when I was at his house I told him about. I had this workshop teacher who I like lowkey fell for and he had flipped out one day and murdered 6 people, 5 were his patients (idk why he had patients I think he did therapy shit on the side I guess?) and one was a kid who like.. I don’t remember how he knew them. But anyways, since it was my dream I was watching this whole thing go down with him diverting attention from himself and nervously but cleverly directing people who were looking for the folks he killed elsewhere. And the thing about this guy is he was this slightly socially awkward funky dude like he wasn’t some smooth talking straight up serial killer. And at a later point I whispered to him that I knew what happened, (and sadistically relished the terror on his face that he tried to contain, since we were in his workshop trailer and others where around) and that I knew this was likely the last time I’d be seeing him again, cause he’d probably be caught soon. He got all clammy and nervous, for good reason of course, and then I told him how I liked him, and tried to ask him what his feelings were about me. He never really answered but I inferred that he sorta had a fondness for me too? However, it might’ve just been me wishing or making it up that way in my head. At the least he seemed surprised that someone who knew about it all still had a thing for him. I kept thinking to myself that he oughta be grateful for that. I cruelly teased him about having fun at his “new therapists office” knowing full well he was not going to have one and he was probably gonna be sentenced to death immediately once he was caught. A weird detail is that he also had two broken pianos in his trailer. Anyways, so then I called my friend Jaycee and asked her if she had ever really loved me at all, and she stayed silent for a full 3 minutes so then I hung up. She got into a car with me and this other mutual friend (whom I don’t know in real life at all) we had who was closer to Jaycee than she was to me. Jaycee never once looked at me or addressed me. I was being driven to Kyle’s apartment, and I think Jaycee got out briefly, so then I asked her mom about it and she said it was fear that made her freeze up. She said Jaycee didn’t like me because I was pretty and thin, and I said I hated being like this because it only made people hate me for it. She said I just didn’t understand I said yeah I suppose I don’t. Then I went up to Kyle’s apartment, the mutual friend came with me, and I asked her to ask Jaycee about what she felt why she froze up ect. She said she would but looked hesitant about it. I then went into Kyle’s house and he rushed outside and bought me those pink shoes and Kennedy was there, talking to me briefly so when he came back you hit her over the head, we went inside, and I told him about the killer man.

Posted 7 months ago

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