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Fighting with all my might!!

I dreamt of me fighting a person that I truly do not respect who I have known for eight years. I have dreamt this more than once. In the dream I am constantly punching her and slamming her head on the floor but in the dream no matter how hard the punches or how hard I slam her head its like nothing. Like there no power to it no effect just nothing and she smiles to me which I freaking hate her smile gets me more angry and I attack her but its doesnt effect her. I beat her so much in my dream but i see no pain on her.. This woman in my dreams is who my boyfriend cheated on me with eleven years ago and has a baby with her. Me and my boyfriend been together 11 years and has a 7 year old girl. He shares a one year old with this woman. We use to live with her and we fiancé. I use to take care of her son which is from another man same age as my daughter. And she always been my boyfriend cuddly buddy drinking buddy comfort and best friend in Jr. high. This woman has been in my life since Ive been together with my boyfriend in jr high. Why do I have dream like this and its always more than once too..

Posted 3 years ago

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Interpretation #1

You need to get over with whatever is hurting you. The fact that you hurt her so badly and it didn’t bother her shows that you are the only one who is going to end up being hurt. So, you should take lessons from the dream. Try to forget what life has shown you so far and you need to get on with your life and let go of the hurt, betrayal and pain. When you have managed to get over these troubled details, you are going to love the way life moves for you. Being trapped in memories of the past is only adding to your woes.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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