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Followed by an evil presence

I can remember small details about the first few dreams but not muhc. One particular dream I was about 6 or 7 at a primary school having a laugh with my friends before I felt the presence. There have been others at private and public environments at both child and adult stages of my life.
Essentially what happens is I’ll be carrying out my usual activities completely fine and in a generally good frame of mind when all of a sudden I’ll feel an evil presence, almost like a paranormal or evil presence but before I see what’s causing this feeling I always think to myself to ignore it and stop thinking about it and initially it felt as if if I didn’t ignore it I would wake up and not be able to get back to sleep but as I had more and more of the similar feeling it felt as though if I didn’t ignore it I would get hurt somehow.
I never really fussed about the dream, most the time I would have other dreams after that particular one, those being the ones I’d think about once I woke up.
Although, last night I had the same dream, I was an adult and I was in a room with no lights on but had a tiny bit of light coming through and there was a room full of people I knew (in the dream) I wasn’t sure if they were colleagues or students or friends and I recall speaking to someone when the all too familiar feeling of that presence came back and I remember saying to that person “I need to leave I need to forget , ignore and distract myself” so I ran outside the room and began running down some steps although when I turned back I could see a black mist fogging up the room through the windows which stunned me as this was the first time I’d ever actually seen the presence. It felt like I was half awake and being fearful but I also felt like I didn’t want to wake myself up I had to finish the dream otherwise I’d get hurt.
I remember being chased for a little while, trying with all my might to get away from it, I also remember running into a few people while doing so but I can’t remember what conversations occurred I just remember them being there. In the end of the dream the presence faced me, although I can’t remember it’s face or what exactly was said I remember the presence trying to calm me down and comfort me from the horrible feeling. This particular dream struck me to think maybe it could be something more than a dream.

I’ve had reoccurring nightmares as a child with an almost identical story line just with different characters and settings.

Posted 8 months ago

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