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friends and crush kissing my cheek repeatedly

I was walking out a school with Andrea, my best friend, not sure what school it was, but it was a high school. We were standing outside the school and Andrea walked off to the side to call her mom to pick her up while I went to go talk to a group of friends. This girl, Hailey, is walking towards me and i give her the biggest hug and i’m just so genuinely happy to see her. Then my friend Xiomahra comes up outta nowhere and we start talking i look over to see andrea layng her head on my cousin, Nancy, on a outdoors bench while my cousin is doing what looks like a comforting reassurance talk to make her feel better about something. I continue to talk to my friends for a bit then look over again to see the same thing, but the time her head is laying on my mother. I begin to walk over to Andrea noticing Xiomahra is following me as well, so once we get up there I hear my mom say something along the lines of “i’m sorry she couldn’t come, and take you home if you’d like” then they notice I’m walking towards them wth Xiomahra so I then introduce Xiomahra and Andrea to each other. They have an awkward moment where they both say hi, then that was it. I go and sit beside my mom and look over at Andrea and say somethng along the lines of “it’s okay we can take you home if you like” then before anyone can respond with anything further my friend, Alex, comes up to me and says bye and leans in for what i thought was a hug, but she started repeatdly kissing my cheek in front of my mother and andrea and i didn’t want to make it seem adnormal so I awkwardly give her a side kiss on the cheek back to make it look like it was just a friend thing. She then walked away smiling leaving me so embarrased, think i was blushing. Then look over at my mom and she was just staring at me. But thats it. Dream ends right there.

Posted 2 hours ago

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