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Getting married and getting lost

I had a dream that I was the ordaine for Ellen degenerss and her wife it was their anniversary and so I said all the stuff and then it all went away and then I was with my boyfriend and we are both sophomores in high school and been together for almost a year and I didn\\\\\\\’t see the part where he proposed it just kinda came up in convo and we were at his house and his mom as sister talking to me and stuff about the living situation and I said my mom won\\\\\\\’t let me come over here and he said his mom wouldn\\\\\\\’t let him come to my house to sleep over or something and then we planned everything and stuff and we was in a whole different country I think and then we was getting married and after we said our vows and everything we had to do some country ritual like jump off a cliff into the ocean I think or a part of it and it was called the blue tusk river and my mom told me I had to jump in it cuz since we wasn\\\\\\\’t expecting it if we saved each other would\\\\\\\’ve shown how much love we have from each other and then we got out talked to everyone and then I took my wedding dress off cuz we was gonna go in the water again and so he hung it on the railing and I geuss it fell and I went to go look for it and it was in some outdoors place and some woman had it on and some other woman was painting that woman and they wouldn\\\\\\\’t give it back to me unless I have her 2 poptRysvand 1,000 and then I had to go find my way back to where I was with my husband and I was goin the right way until nothing looked recognizeable and so I just kept running and trying to find my way out of this building and I ran to one spot and turned out it was an asylum and then I had two stair cases and I had to pick on and I went down the one of the left and it just kept getting darker and darker and I couldn\\\\\\\’t see anything anymore and I just woke up after it got really dark

Posted 11 months ago

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