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Getting shot in the back 3 times

Last night I dreamed I was laying in bed in a light sleep. I was laying on my right side facing the door. I sensed a presence behind me and thought it might be my husband but for some reason I was scared and so I didn’t move. Then I heard two shots. Whoever was behind me shot me twice in back. I didn’t feel any pain. I thought to myself, maybe they missed and they will go away but then I felt something warm running down my back. Still I felt no pain. Then I heard the 3rd shot. It stung and burned and I knew I had been shot the first two times too. I laid perfectly still waiting on the shooter to leave. I barely had my eyes open but as the intruder walked around the bed and in front of me I was able to see it was my husband. He paused for a moment to look at me to make sure I was dead. I wasn’t but he thought I was. He walked into the other room where I could hear him talking to someone. Then they left and I laid there a few more minutes to make sure they didn’t come back and when I was sure they were gone I reached for my cell phone and called 911. My husband came back after the paramedics got there and pretended he was just getting home from work. I had already told them who shot me so they arrested him. I don’t know if I went on to die or go to the hospital as I woke up at that moment.

Posted 8 months ago

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