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getting shot multiple times

I often have dreams of getting shot but never dying. The most recent dream was from last night. Every now and then I am invited to a ranch out in Lexington Texas. This ranch has about 1000 acres of land and is used for hunting purposes. I do not hunt but others do. In my dream I was at this Ranch with people. I didn’t recognize them. My son was not there in the beginning but ended up being during one of the incidents that occurred. So there i am at the ranch i was familiar to in the day time when all of a sudden i see someone in the trees ad i notice they have a gun. I went to turn and run and for whatever reason i put a hand up to cover my face and that is where i was shot. In the palm of my left hand was a wound with 2 round bullets. Not nearly as small as a BB, maybe the size of 2 tongue ring balls. They were just sitting there inside the wound. I removed them and that was that. The not long after i was hiding behind a wall crouched down on my knees when a shooter comes walking up to me. The shooter looked a lot like “el catrin” from the mexican bingo game. Tall and thin, wore a black suit top with black and white vertical stripped suit pants, cigarette in one hand and a monocle. This is where my son came into the picture. He wasn’t kneeling down with me hiding before but he just popped up and was there when “el catrin” shot me in the head. I still was not dead nor did i see blood. i thought to myself “its not time to die Amanda. Just get up and walk it off” so i did. The i was in a different part of the ranch but this time i did not recognize it. I was there before but this was a new place. I was on the front porch looked like sitting at a picnic table with some friends and again i didn’t recognize any of them. my son was not there for this part. I laid down across one of the seats and all of a sudden i had a bullet wound in my stomach. I looked up and saw that there were about 3 or 4 cars that pulled up to the ranch. Someone in one of the cars had a gun and they were the ones who shot me in the stomach. After i was hit they all drove away. I felt the kind of soreness you get after putting in a really good ab workout in my stomach but no real pain due to the wound. I simply laid down on the bench and then i woke up. I didn’t recognize any shooters or feel any pain but i saw all wounds. What the heck does all that mean??

Posted 1 year ago

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