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Ghost house and barbwire-bunnies

I dreamt this quiet a long time ago but it’s still one of my fav dreams (really interesting and it gave me deep insight into myself) and I ‘m really curious of what other Interpretations than my own are (without any background information about me).

So in my dream there were this old victorian/american villa, abandoned, wooden boards in the windows. we’re looking at it quite frontal and it had a few steps to the front door). It was white, the colour was peeling off the timerbering and it stood in a conifer-forest. I was there with one other teen (I’ve dreamt I was a teen) who I lost inside and never saw again (wasn’t sad though because he/she were only there for the plot). We talked about getting in this house and it was very exciting for me. we found out that we could climb into the basement through a broken window. I climbed after him/her and it was very dark and smelled old and rotten and wet. through that broken window, which was directly above the ground, fell only little light so I grabed my flashlight and opened the door (the other teen was already gone somewhere) to go deeper into the house. the door closed behind me and i knew i couldn’t open it again so i had to move forward into a dark labyrinth in which I was trapped for an eternity (well it seemed this way because i was super scared). I met classic ghosts (those with sheets) but they were 2,5 meter big and freaking scary; they wanted to kill me. I could scare them away with the flashlight but it would also attract others from other rooms. I didn’t know how long I had to walk through this labyrinth with huge ghosts wanting to kill me so I had to save the battery of the light. I also had to be extra quiet which wasn’t easy since there were puddles everywhere. the walls, ceiling and floor were made of black bricks btw. i finally reached a corridor with orange-yellow light (like streetlamps in germany) at the endand ran in panic, because the ghosts were right behind me, towards this ca- 4×4 m big room and it was made out of the same stones. on the walls were oillamps and two “cages” were on the floor leaving a small corridor to one of those old super-safe metal doors inbetween. in this “cage” (it just had a calf-high barbwire-fence and no ceiling) on the left side where yellow, red and d orrange leaves which seemed to glow and the colours were so vivid that the leaves seemed to burn. ln the right “cage” (same concept as the left) were white fluffy clouds and little white bunnies with rosa noses and black eyes jumping and diving in time lapse through these clouds. around the clouds barbwire. (i knew btw that the ghost couldn’t come here). i stood there and tears began running down my face. finally I walked towards the metal-door past those barbwire cages which impressed and made me sad and happy the same time and saw a big lever on the right side next to the door which i shifted. the door opened and my father stood there in a lab coat and steam-punk glasses looking scary and evil. the room was filled with organs in glasses; i especially was disturbed by the human embryos in those glasses. i seemed to have disturbed him working on another organ-preparation (i kinda knew all the organs were human organs).I paniced again, cried and ran past him out of the door at the end of the room and found myself in a park with red floor and fresh cement foundaments 5 meters in front of me. white ducks were walking on it leaving footprints and i lost my shit and began to laugh histerically while crying. i woke up then.

thrilled to hear your interpretations!

Posted 1 month ago

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