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I was in real life sleeping on my sofa.

I woke up in my dream in my sofa and saw a short small man standing near my dining room with his head down and his back towards me. Everything looked a offwhite dusty all over. And I got off my sofa and grabbed my pillow and hit him with it. He turned around and starred at me and I felt this fear that woke me up.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

I dont know whether I believe in ghosts or spirits, but it’s hearing dreams like yours that leaves me doubting my cynical side.
If you live in an old house, see if you can check out it’s history… actually, on second thoughts- don’t, you don’t want to be scared to sleep at night!

Maybe there is something in your life that you feel negatively towards, yet you are concerned to stir up the fire incase it, well, backfires on you.
Your dream could be showing that fear playing out.

Oh and if your sofa feels different to your bed, it could be that in your dream state you were slightly aware of you surroundings,which could explain why oyu woke up in your dining room.
Also dreams within dreams are so believable because we  often ‘wake up’ in the same place we actually went to sleep in.

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Answered By: savi-xx(14 points Dream Interpreter)
Interpretation #2

How did that short small man look like? If it looked like someone you know, that means you share many qualities with that person. If that man was not similar to anyone you know, then note which ethnicity he was? This means that you have many of the trait commonly associated with that ethnic group.

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Answered By: fatefate( points Novice)

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