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Giant Spiders

I’d had tons of different dreams about giant spiders chasing me, now not gigantic ones that are bigger than I, But large ones that sometimes come up to my ankles. They’d chase me and no matter where i ran they’d always catch up, there was running away.
(Also, I have aracne phobia)

One dream i was in an old creeky house running very fast with no breaks, my bare feet on the old creeky wood floor. I felt wild, like a fox or a wolf running for it’s life, as the fear consumed me.
Though at first I didn’t know what I was running from..
Then i came to this part of the house where the floor cut off and went down to another floor as if there was a small staircase missing, but it would be an easy jump. As i continued speeding toward it and making my jump, i looked to my left and noticed two teenage guys sitting on a wooden rail. Then my jump finished and right as my feet hit the floor i immediatly came to a stop, then looked at the bottom of my foot seeing a big spider half squashed on the bottom of it.

I also had a dream of giant spiders chasing me in a park.
/I don’t remember the other ones at the moment.

(Also, idk what type of dreams my dreams are. By recurring i don’t mean the same one over and over, i mean the same type of dream often)

Posted 1 year ago

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