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Girlfriend spent time with random guy

My girlfriend & I have been dating for just about a year. We’ve had a thing for 3 years. I love this girl. I had a dream last night that I was waiting for her to come over so we could go to this restaurant, while I had been waiting forever I got on social media (snapchat) & saw her post a picture of the place we were supposed to go to together. I just assumed she was with her mom or someone & ignored it. After we got together & went to the restaurant I asked her who she was with. She was with some guy I have a college course with that I’ve heard his name on the roll call. I honestly haven’t met the guy or even know what he looks like. It just was his name & she said that he invited her so she came. I was annoyed in my dream but didn’t act rash or angry. I was passive about it. Even though I’d been waiting hours for her on my front porch for her to come here with another guy I was passive in the dream. Then later on in my dream I argued with one of my best friends about a house address. It was a friendly laughing argument not serious. I walked my gf up towards her house she went in, we didn’t really say anything then the dream ended & I woke up. Just trying to figure out if there’s any meaning behind this dream! I’ve been having weird dreams lately. Thanks in advance!

Posted 1 year ago

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