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Godzilla and the Transformers

Godzilla was at the top of trees in a tropical forest. He was moving around shaking the leaves. Then he jumped down in front of me and started purring. Suddenly my dream shifted to a dirt pit. Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Starscream and I were all head to the same place. We got there and I transformed in to a transformer and grabbed a tank by the barrel and smash it around.

Posted 3 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

1. Elements:
Godzilla = God
Shaking leaves = earthquakes around the globe, fear of earthquakes
Purring = His peace
You may be apprehensive about approaching God, but He offers His peace to you.

2. Elements:
Dirt pit = worldly living
Transformers = group of Christians
Tank = destruction
Demons want to bury you, but there are people in a church who will stand with you.

When the dreams are taken together, I see a spiritual war. Who can give you victory over a tank? Godzilla can! The Father is inviting you to get closer to Him – don’t be afraid of Him. You have brothers and sisters in Jesus – fellow soldiers – who can pray with you. The anointing – the power of the Holy Spirit – will transform you.

I have mentioned God in this interpretation, but if He doesn’t give me interpretation, how can I interpret dreams? QT

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