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Guman in Pursuit

I\’m in a dark park, I can see houses in the background, a baseball diamond to my side, and a large building. I walk around the park, walking up to the enclosed baseball diamond I hop the fence. There\’s two large doors entering the building, but locked. I circle the building, it was large and made of brick. I find a window propped up with a large book, so I crawl through the window. I see nothing, I look back and the window is closed. My chest gets heavy, my eyes hot side to side, I don\’t feel alone. There\’s dim lights, I walk through them. Then all of a sudden I hear gun shots, and it\’s coming from inside the building. Not know what to do I run, and don\’t stop, how long are these halls? I can keep hearing the gunshots, and no matter how fast I think I run, they sound even closer. I see a man at the end of the hall, stopping at in my tracks. He turns to me, raising a shotgun at me. I rush him, knocking him over and I start to sprint down the hall. I see big doors, they were black metal, with rivets around them. I put out my shoulder. Hearing for my life I bust the doors down. I pick myself up, running across the field I fall, and I don\’t know why. There is no blood, nothing at all but I can\’t get up. Through the door I see the flashes of gun fire. I see a dog run out of the door I just busted through, it looked like a demented Rottweiler. And then I wake up, my heart racing and coverd in sweat.

Posted 10 months ago

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