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gunman came to my school and shot the place up

When I was younger I used to dream that a gunman came to my school and shot the place up. Now that I’m older and work instead of learn, I dream about the same thinking happening at my job.

Posted 6 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Dreaming of a gunman isn’t about fear, but aggression. Most people think that when you dream of a gunmen attacking you either at school, home, or work that the dream is about being afraid of something. Instead, whether you’re the gunmen or a victim, the dream is actually about aggression that you aren’t acknowledging. What most likely happened is that while you were in school you had to deal with a lot of aspects that may have stressed you out. If you can’t relieve that tension then it wouldn’t be strange to have a dream in which your subconscious relieves that tension for you. The same is going on at your job right now, so maybe you should try buying a stress ball or take a yoga class.

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Answered By: Zulma Overmyer(1 points Novice)

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