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Had a very interesting clear dream. I was in India or Nepal, a westerner, a young man brought me to a restaruant, we chose one which I have never been, it has a pond and there are stones steps in the pond, at the end there is a staircase leading to second floor. We went to the second floor and got our seat. Opposite our seat we saw a junior lion in the opposite building lying by the window, it was frightened and skinny. There gap was narrow between the two building, and the resturant level it was an open floor without walls. I went near the lion and recited Medicine Buddha as I could feel its loneliness and sadness of being trapped by human. It suddenly came out of the window and stepped into the restuarant, people run away, I was frightened too, however I gathered my courage and held its head or hands, and recited Medicine Buddha mantras to it, it has taken the shape of lion but have not grown into its size. It responded to my chanting and looked into my eyes. I saw a pair of eyes filled with sorrows. Later, however it went down to the pond and frightened people who were swimming or playing inside it. As it descended, the pond turned into a cave filled with water. Suddenly it changed its form to a lion cub. Some construction workers came and gentlely put it on their truck, claiming that they will ensure it will be taken to the right place. My friend and me felt sad and prayed that the lion will get to a place where he can be back to its mother or its herd, or be well taken care of before releasing back to the nature. I woke up and feel very strange and had a feeling that I was the lion???

Before this dream, there was other part of the stories. I was alone in Nepal, I am an asian woman and that day, it seems to be an important day, most men both white men and Nepaleses were in long-sleeves shirts. A white man invited me for a meal, I was looking for another friend, and when I went back to look for the young man I lost him. I walked down hill to go a restuarant, the white young man appealed behind my back and gave me a hug. He was happy I was trying hard to find him. He wanted to introduce me to a new restuarant. On the way, the Indians and Nepalese men were shaking hands with one another it was as if it was a new year. Although the buildings were run down and we were at a rural area, everyone looks calm, neat and contented. We walked to the restaurant and the white man turned into an asia man, someone that dealt with facial business and continuously talked about beauty tips. I was a little impatient as I was not interested in such matters. We chose a seat inside the first level. However, I prefered in an open space, hence we walked up to the second level where we saw the lion.

Posted 8 months ago

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