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Had two dreams about getting shot

I had two horrible dreams about getting shot.
1. My first dream, I was in a store that turned into a bank (location of the Bank in real life is a garbage dump) and it was being robbed, everyone was on the floor covering there heads and afraid. I got down and I was holding a toddler whats strange, I am not sure if it was my daughter(Toddler) or if it was my son (Teenager). I don’t remember the baby face. A strange women came over to me and used her body as a shield and to protect the baby we were holding each other while sitting on the floor while the baby was in the middle of us. One of the gunmen went to the other side of the bank and me and lady saw a way to run out. I ran out of the bank there was a gunmen outside with a machine gun and he saw me from behind and he shot me up all over. I went to get help and when I got there I walked down three steps and saw my two ex boyfriends. I told them I got shot and they started picking up guns. EX One (I BROKE IT OFF,KIDS, BAD TERMS) had a handgun and EX two (Childhood sweetheart, Friends) had a machine gun. they were saying they know who did and where they live then turned around and said to me. Before we go you have to choose, ” which one of us you want to be with” and I stood there looking at them.

My second dream, I own a 3 floor mansion and we were hanging out on the 2nd fl. My mom/family and childhood friends was there. My EX (CHILDHOOD SWEET, FRIEND) came by with his friends. He said he was hungry so we went to the 3rd floor to the kitchen to make a stir fry I dont remember the vegetable but I think it was snowpea or peas and other veg. My friend son took over cooking it and when into my refrig (alot of food) and full out to lobster tails (Frozen) ask me do I want it in the dish I said yes. we was celebrating something, I dont know what. we decided to go to a party. so nobody ate. I was leaving and forgot my phone went back a (creepy)tall Mexican guy was climbing from my counter and had my phone in his hand. I told him it was my phone and he handed it to me. we left went out side and a lady that was at my house i do not know had my daughter in her hand, i told her to take her to my mom she when my mom car. I went back because I left something and went in the club and ask did they see what I was looking for, the crazy thing is we planned to go the club but i never went in so how did i leave something there. I left and there was two gunmen coming at me I backed up in between a silver grey van and a burgendy car. one man had a red hoodie (My brothers killer) and the other had a yellow with red thin pinstripe short sleeve polo shirt. The one with the polo shirt shot me two times in the head. I ran to the street in between building planning to run opposite of the way they ran off but wind up running up the same way they did. I ran into my mother and we ran together to her house.( there is a passage way to her house but they blocked it off with a tall black gate.) in the dream there was a tall black gate and a gray fence attached to it on the top. we pass people climbing the fence to leave and we climbed it go to the building. when I climbed it,I got the other side and jump to my feet when my mom go the other side she fell on her side. there was a lady leaving and asked my mom do she want her to hold the door. I walked in the house my mom was in the kitchen washing dishes. weird I was just with her. I approached her she looked annoyed and told her I got shot and she said let me see. I showed her the blood on my hands and the wounds. Dont remember the rest.

Im spooked! My youngest brother got killed last year and he had three dreams he got shot and He did and dead. Police never caught the killer.

in between those dreams, I dreamed me and my childhood/current friend was walking threw doors hanging out and laugh with some unknown people. We walked threw two doors. we’d stop hang out them go threw another door. in the same dream before meeting her I was at the mall buy white necklace then a aqua blue n the dream I thought it was beautiful.
I know its a bit much ;)

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

sorry I left out In the second dream I got shot in the head.

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Answered By: lollipop(2 points Novice)

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