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Hamsters infest a winter resort

I had a dream that I was at a very cool winter resort. I had my own suite by myself and there were many other people there (all with their own rooms). Some where distant cousins but most were people I was just meeting for first time. I remember part of my mission there was sex (not with cousin) and don’t remember if that happened. Then I noticed a hamster in the bathroom. He was fat and posed a nuance threat, so I wanted to get rid of him. When I went to pick him up he suddenly had teeth (fang like) and I realized I needed to kill him. Then I realized there were more and I started walking through the hotel/resort killing them. Then I got outside and noticed there was an infestation although some of them were already killed by others.
I am not a violent or aggressive person, so this is a bizzare dream to me.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

This dream is carrying an important message for you. The dream is teaching you that should not judge a situation based upon the first instincts. It does not take a long time for a situation to change. Although you were extremely pleased to see the resort, but very soon you found that there are a lot of problems as it was infested by hamsters and you had to go on a killing spree. So, the dream is asking you to be prepared to deal with different types of situations. Life will be springing a lot of surprises not all of which are going to be pleasant.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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