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Hand with something alive and mobile growing in it

I dreamed of staring at my right hand where there were five wholes on the bottom arch of my palm covered with transparent skin with a smooth surfaces, as in with a frozen lake. The wholes were about the size you get with a small whole-puncher, filled with water with flesh at the bottom that looked like it had been eaten into. But then I saw something move in the wholes so I turned my hand so I could look closely at what was inside from the side view. And inside each of the five wholes, there was a tiny tadpole like creature growing with wiggling tail but the head shaped like a molar tooth, just floating there under the surface of the skin. The creatures were definitely fleshy and tiny and the ridges of head kept unfurling and closing up like flower petals. I woke up with a start and was terrified and had to check my hands to make sure they were not there. The dream was so vivid and in color and everything seemed so magnified. I had it yesterday but I keep checking my hands every once in a while and I just feel as if something is crawling under my skin. It’s really spooked me!

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

The dream isn’t really spooky as it simply signifies that we all have life inside. The dream is asking you to be caring and loving to all living beings. You are gentle by nature and the dream has a very deep message. It conveys that if you share the right spirit of love, you will be able to help life blossom in the best possible manner. Love can help you win the toughest of battles as the tadpoles managed to survive even in the holes in your hands. So, do not be spooked, but rather you should learn to appreciate the value of love and life.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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