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Haunted Hotel Demon

I dreamed that we were staying in a hotel and there are closets to right of bed. I felt a presence inside the closets so i told my dad that I was sleeping on the master bed to get as far away as I could. As I fell asleep I could feel a strong presence over me. I finally fell asleep. When in the dream I remembered/was told that i needed to fall asleep quickly or ill lose my will? I don’t fall asleep fast enough and a voice tells me good luck. I wake up and my whole family is on the bed. They look like they had the same dream. We are chased out of bed through the hotel by the same evil presence. *I wake up momentarily because of my dog barking to greet my parents then i fall asleep again.(REAL LIFE)* We are in an aquarium, we want to buy fish. theres an old man with us. We want to fill the bags up with air but they are filled with nothingness. the old man looks at us and turns into a demon man from Insidious 3, covered in tar. he chases us, we run into some cells? From there we run/fall into a large room where another demon from the original Insidious tries to get at us. My dad has a sword I have a long bamboo pole. He has a ping pong ball eye? We manage to hit him a lot of times and take his ping pong ball thing and trap him in the cage. Just when we think its over my sister accidentally drops the ball and it rolls into his cage and he smiles at us. End dream.

Posted 10 months ago

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