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Having SEX with My FRIENDS WIFE!??

Warning! This Dream is very SEXUALLY vivid, and for ADULTS ONLY!!

My dream starts out in a bedroom (somehow knowingly this is considered my room) although I have never seen or been in a room with this layout before in my life.

As dreams seem to be, things just fall into place. Without any invitations, phone calls, or emails to schedule somebody’s visit.

So as explained above, I am sitting on my bed when an unexpected visitor comes walking through my door. Funny thing is it felt like I had already known she was coming over. Can’t solidify the reason for the visit, but shes a few years younger then me and I noticed she was studying from a large textbook.

Things start to get boring as were not keeping up a conversation, nor are we participating in any friendly activities. We are pretty much two blank bodies in the same room. And as dreams skip from one event to the next, we are now slightly drunk. Had not taken a sip of alcohol but she is now naked from the waist down.

As she notices that I can see her gorgeous pussy staring right back up at me, she makes the slightest flirting gesture by shifting her position so that I can get a better glance, without me having to move an inch.

Now keep in mind, the feeling is still very tense and a bit hostel since we are nowhere near a “boyfriend girlfriend” status. We might have flirted once or twice before her marriage, but she is a happily married woman now and things have changed. Her husband, a good friend of mine. Not the best, but lets just say I would back him up if he were to get into a rowdy bar fight. Unfortunately tonight, sex is not something I would back our friendship by.

Back to the story! As she is lying there with her legs spread just ever so slightly, her eyes giving me the look that this may happen but only if you play your cards just right. Alcohol is in effect, although we are not past the point of no return. We know what is going on, and what may be to cum.

I take no more time, and pull out the quickest sarcastic trick that I had up my sleeve. A random red jello shooter sits to the left of me on a dresser. I immediately grab it as she turns her head away from my eyes. Pretend to let it slip out of my hand, and purposely let it drop right in between her legs. “Whoops, slipped right out!” I say.

And as any woman with the amount of beauty that she withholds, she calmly said “Why dontcha get it?” As I reach down with my hand, she shakes her finger from side to side and says, “Nope.” So I freeze, and time stops for 2 seconds but to me its feeling like a weekend in hell, yet trapped in ice.

She then continues to finish her sentence, just as calmly as before “No, use your mouth.” Without any hesitation, and a god-given talented tongue, I know that once I make contact, it’s is a hook, line, sinker.

Sure enough as my instincts would prove correct again, the room fills with silent moans. She doesn’t give up the fact that shes married yet, but the more and more she notices that, and the amount of moisture that is building up down there. It creates a fire of burning passion. A type of passion that is lost. A craving passion that only comes from the rebellious acts of doing something horribly wrong, and no sign of stopping because being bad just feels too good.

As we both share this feeling mutually through oral sex, she goes from a light moan, into a full on screams that could stop a mosh-pit at a Linkin Park concert.

She orgasms, legs shaking, lips quivering for more. Still in our minds, is the slightly distraught fact that we are actually about to start fucking, not having sex, not making love, hardcore fucking. The thought doesn’t reach far enough for us to realize and before you know it, my shaft is already halfway inside her.

As all this heat and passion, flood my brain with thoughts of what a fantasy this is, in a lot of everyday lives. For example, married men who have beautiful wives, and the friends that wouldn’t think twice about jeopardizing their marriage for an hour of ecstacy.

With such vivid steamy thoughts, I then start to feel myself want to cum way too fast. How embarrassing would that be, all that perfect timing and passion gone to waste at a quick unsatisfying orgasm? So I get a grip, start off rocking slowly back and forth, until she screams “Fuck me, HARDER!” As a good dog should, I continue with her request and within 30 seconds, her legs are shaking again. Hands grabbing on to random sections of the bed, looking for something to take her out of the deep pounding orgasm she is traveling through.

We go at it for about 25 minutes. At this point my I can choose exactly when to bust, but I take my time. This is not something I will find everyday. As I am enjoying myself, she starts to look a slight bit uncomfortable. So I ask her “whats wrong?” she says, “my pussy is really sensitive and its staring to hurt.”

My mind quickly thinks of “Wow, someones not giving it to her right.” and as that thought surfaces, I almost blurt it out as well. Instead I tell her “Ok, I’ll make it fast.” She agrees, I go exactly how I want to push into her.

I start to make the gestures that I am going to cum soon, and she quickly tells me not to cum inside of her. Once again, doing as a good dog should do, I pull out at the last second. Blow my load all over her gorgeous perky boobs, and with one last jerk, I send a small amount sky-rocketing towards where her eye meets her nose.

I smile, since this is slightly comedic. She laughs, and she starts to grab a tissue. We don’t cuddle afterwards, we don’t even share more then two sentences. We don’t have much in common, nor do we care to know more and more about one another. Although now we understand that our communication is not through our voices, its through our rough passionate sex.

She then rolls over, puts her panties on nice and slow as if I am watching, which I am. Puts back on the rest of her clothes but doesn’t leave right away. Having me wonder why?

Little did I know, there is a full on party going on downstairs. In my house that I didn’t even have a clue that I owned. While I am trapped in my room, which is supposedly mine as well. With a girl, who is most definitely not anywhere close to mine.

Her best friend comes storming through the door. Already buzzed, loud, but looking sexy as always. Gives me no attention and only is concerned about where her friend was the whole time.

She then takes a seat on the bed, puts her arms out for support, then jumps up and screams “ewww!!!” Without looking at each other, the married woman and I both know what shes complaining about.

The mixture of male and female orgasms mixed into one gross moisture, and all scattered across the bed sheet like a shotgun shell had exploded.

The married woman stay standing there, red handed, looking like her face was going to change from gorgeous Hawaiian tan to pale 1900′s white, says nothing. No words can leave her mouth, she is literally stuck.

We both know at this moment that if her friend is to find out what happens, the little rat she is. This amazing sex will not continue ever again.

So I quickly try my best to persuade in one single quick honest sentence to get the tension out of the room. Keep in mind her friend is a ditzy, slightly drunk blonde, known for being gullible. Shouldn’t be that hard to get out of this one.

I immediately attack my own ethnicity and tell her, “Ha Ha, don’t freak out Beth. I made some Oishi Ramen soup, Kayla just knocked my elbow and since I didn’t want to burn ourselves my instinct threw the bowl away from us and it ended up hitting my bedsheets. Shitty, I know.”

Kayla, the married woman then chimes in “Yeah, im kinda drunkies.” Trying to act cute and sway Beth off the subject anyway possible. Once again, as I suspected, it worked!

She grabs Kayla by the hand and in a bitchy tone, Beth says “have fun with the mess!” I sigh a big sigh of relief. And as Kayla gets pulled fast out the doorway, she turns and gives the sexiest wink I have ever seen. A wink that shows promise in that this is not the last time we share passion like that. A wink that could halt a military general from pursuing an attack on enemy grounds. And at that point, I puffed my chest, stood up tall, and walked downstairs to enjoy my party.

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Posted 3 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

The vivid description of such intercourse depicts that your mind is obsessed about making love. The fact that you did it with your friend’s wife means that you do not really have much of principles when it comes to making love. So, the dream is showing you signs of your upcoming adventures in life. However, there is a warning that you should try to be cautious because things may not work out. However, your smooth lie in the end saved you from what could have been a possible disaster. Thus, the dream is reflecting on the possibility of some passionate love making in the near future.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

Guy & the friend’s wife must be eager to have sex together for the long time. May be to due to not getting an opportunity in the absence of her husband or his wife. The best way to fulfill is to reach her & fix up a time or date for a suitable opportunity. Make the best use of her lonely time & be available when she needs you. As that is the only way to fulfill your urge for sex.

Other options if find some one as your back up.

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