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headshot and blood

We were in what seemed like a store or warehouse. We were sitting comfortably, i was sitting on the floor and my boyfriend on a brown puffy sofa. We heard gun shots fired. The shots then got closer and got our attention. Then the metal door locking the warehouse/apartment was being shot at with rapid gunfire. I saw the metal shot and the bulletholes appearing and clustering to then showing someone behind it before he opened the door. I could hear my fathers voice and i thought Oh my gosh, we,re in san francisco and i forgot that my dad was left outside and now theee were shots and this guy shoved my father/friend in threatening his life into a brightly lit room. I immediately began to confront these three aggressive man, trying to reason with them. I saw the guy point his gun at me threatening and i still kept walkind towards him trying to reason and convince him not to hurt my dad/friend (too many feelings of wanting to protect my father and yet he wasnt my father but a friend i didnt want to see hurt.) I could see the man /father friend huddled on the floor of the restroom with walls of glass which i could view the incident easily. Light blue shirt with kaki colored pants. Like my dad yet not my dad. The second guy B shot the victim in the head while standing. I saw the blood shoot out with the gunshot and saw his body go limp and fall to the ground. I was in a rage and burst of emotions saying why? And i didnt care if i was next. Then my boyfriend was next to me and discretely placed something in my jeans back pocket. And i felt that rage come over me again and i heard my boyfriends voice whisper something and i knew….he gave me his gun. I then reached grabbed it and pointed at the guy B that had shot the man. The other guy A whom had threatened me before with his gun then pointed his gun on me like in a movie. But i didnt care, i was replaying the scenario tosave the man that was shot before. Kind of like an Alternate ending to a scenario i didnt like. I pictured shooting one and diving under a counter to then aim at guy b shooting him too, but then i woke up angry, confused, in emotional pain from seeing the man shot before i became a shooter myself. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. I could clearly see the gun pointed at guy A and guy B pointinghis gun on me and my anger and lack of concern for my life just shook me. And i woke up with a scream when i shot guy b , i was crying. It took me a few seconds before realizing that it was just a dream and it had felt so real.

Posted 5 years ago

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Interpretation #1

If you see a lot of violence in your dream, it means that you find it hard to keep your emotions in check. The fact that you were feeling a friend as your father and you wanted to protect him and take revenge for his death suggest that you are fiercely protective of the people you know and consider as family. Hence, the dream displays that the upcoming events in your life may be strenuous. Also, it shows that you are not the one who would quit easily. You would not go down without a fight and thus be prepared to fight for the atrocities or any unjust act that might be committed against you.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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