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Hello, I’m very mortified by the dream I had days ago…

From what I remember, I was in a public bathroom-like place (like the showers in school right after gym class) and like, I could tell there were other people there. While we bathed, I could hear their voices but I could see no one. Not even a sillhouette. I didn’t care about that. Instead, I focused on the very white environment (all of the walls, the floor, the door) and I noticed that there was a clothes’ basket underneath the door. I was staring at it when, one of my classmate (a male! Goodness!) stood in front my door, took the clothes’ basket and inserted a small camera. In short, he was a peeping-tom. (And no, in real life, he is a very good person and I do look up to him for being a good role model classmate, though not romantically.) So… what surprised me was that I was seeing through the door and I realized he was putting small cameras at every person’s basket and thought that I hadn’t seen him do it.

The next thing I know, the scen shifts to me and a few others in a ruined building but I can tell it was a building of grandeur back then. Some of he people with me, (I can’t tell who they are or what gender they were. It was blurry af) and they were going to introduce me to someone. And it was him, the peeping-tom. They suddenly offer to play a childish game of trying to seduce them, me included (so I think those people were girls) and when he came up to me next, I whisper to him in a scheming manner and tells him to kiss me or I will tell everyone what he was up to. He reluctantly kisses me but ends up deepening the kiss. I don’t care about it and just smirk (I am cringing) and that is when I wake up.


Posted 4 months ago

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