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help me help my brother

hi I’m anaa my 17 year old brother died in a car accident along with my 20 year old cousin, and a friend of his who was 22. the accident happened on a expressway way, they were coming back to my house from pick up my cousins friend. My house is 2-3 minutes away from were the accident happened. The accident was ruled a accident because my driving lost control of the car, but everyone says that a truck hit them causing my brother to loose control of the car witch flipped in the air a couple times causing them to be ejected from the car my brother landing on the road with my cousins friend, my cousin landed by the traintacks under the bridge they were driving on my brother and the friend were both ran overby the truck who hit them, causing thier bodies to be flat and heads crushed. I went to were it happened but they wouldn’t give me information at all that happened around 10p.m they didn’t confirm it was them until 12 a.m. a few days ago I dreamed with my brother he came to my moms house and asked me what was wrong why had I been crying and I told him that because I missed him I love him so much and I want to be with him already and he started at me so blank he didn’t understand he was dead. and then I got really cold I was laying down in the fetus position shaking cause I was cold and I told him Alaan I’m really cold and he told me to put my socks on and said he would come some other day, the dream I had a couple nights ago was as if I was in the car when the accident happened but I was just a little bubble in the car because I heard all the noise of the accident all the metal crashing down people screaming they were saying something I couldn’t understand them, but they were talking trying to say something but the noises were to loud and everything was pitch black I woke up crying because it felt too real, as I was trying to go to sleep I heard my brother say ” annita ” that’s what they called me he sounded in terrible pain, he could hardly talk. it was a whisper but it was real, it’s been 3 months since they passed away. me and my brother had a really special bond. that day he went to my house was a Saturday me and him hadnt been talking a week prior to the accident because of a argument we had but that day he went to my house and we made up, also before he left he said goodbye and he never said goodbye.. please help me I know he needs help

Posted 11 months ago

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