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hostages, cell phones, best friend kissing me….

So I was at some old building. Wasn’t really clear as to why, but I’m thinking urban exploring or looking for something. This guy I’ve never seen before comes in and has a gun, he starts yelling for us not to move. He makes us give him our cell phones, but I put mine in my sock (which was an ugly white sock I’d never wear). I’m trying to get a message out, so someone can find us help, and one of the guys I’m with (I didn’t know anyone) tells on me. I stash the phone between the wall and an old mattress before the guy finds it though. We’re there for awhile, and he lets people go one by one, until its just him an I. At this point he starts reminding me quite a bit of my boyfriend. He demands I take him to my mothers house (was completely different from where she really lives), only he’s trying to pretend we’re just on a friendly visit and that he doesn’t have a gun pointed at me. I’m trying to clue her in, but she’s oblivious. Then out of nowhere my best friend knocks on her door (he never randomly shows up anywhere and doesn’t know exactly where she lives anyways). He comes in and things get chaotic, but eventually he and I end up in a room together and he kisses me. Like a perfect kiss. Slow and long and passionate. And just stares into my eyes for a moment. And then I woke up.

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

The dream shows that you may get into some problems. It is hinting that despite the huge problems that you are likely to face, you will continue to find something good to cheer about in all situations. The fact that you find yourself stealing romantic moments with your best friend amidst a huge round of confusion shows that love doesn’t wait for the right moment to come along. The dream is asking you to be prepared for the different challenges and at the same time, you should be willing to enjoy the different walks of life and the roads that life takes you on.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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