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Hunted by two crazed, starving lions.

(This is all in a first person point of view. I could see my limbs, but not my face.)

It was an exceptionally beautiful morning in my hometown, and I was skating on a skateboard, admiring the reflection of the sunlight on the dew of the grass. As I passed a small intersection, a young male lion (with a smallish mane) began pacing towards me. I wasn’t alarmed at all, until I saw his eyes : they had a pained and tortured look in them. I turned and saw there was a young lioness with a similar dread in her face.
I began skating faster and faster, faster than I ever had. The lions caught up to me effortlessly, taunting me with snapping jaws, toying with me like a cat who’s caught a mouse. As I begin skating up a train overpass, a deep red Golden Retriever comes to my aid, and courageously hold off the lions, giving me a small window of escape. Sadly, he is mauled and eaten, and have skated out of danger…or so I thought.
I after they are out of sight, I start towards my parents’ home. I am with a heavy heart, and am skating at a much slower pace. I had got off at a metro station that doesn’t yet exist, coming from a long journey earlier that morning, and I remembered I needed to drop something by my grandmother’s house (She lives a few blocks from my parents’). On my way there, I have a feeling that the lions are right behind me again, when I feel a heavy paw swat at my back leg. In a fury, I skate even faster than before, leading them on a chase through my old neighborhood in hopes of them finding something else to be distracted by. I get to my parents’ house, and the door is open. My brother and sister aren’t home. I try to lead them through the kitchen, hoping they would smell food and would eat that instead. They are relentless, and chase me throughout the house. I open the door to my parent’s room; they are just have just woken up from all the noise, but are still in bed. I try and shut the door behind me, but the lioness sticks her head in and overpowers me. My father is up, and the male lion is on the bed, roaring and salivating. The lioness has blocked the doorway. The final confrontation is at hand…

…and then I wake up.

Posted 3 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

There are going to be a lot of problems that life is likely to throw on you and it is upon you to deal with the ways to dodge them. This dream presents the fact that you need to get grip on the different events and then find the best ways in which you will deal with them. It hints that there are going to be problems and some of them are likely to recur time and again. Do not take a lot of things for granted. There are going to be a lot of challenges and you will have to learn the best ways of dealing with it.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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