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I am on a plane

I don\’t often dream, and when I do it is always seen from the third person, for some reason this dream was completely seen in first person until the the final part. I am on a flight that has already taken off. I am seated right in the middle of the plane. There is a small blonde lady sat to my right with her hair up in a pony tail on my right. It\’s a normal flight, but quite busy. Nobody seems to be watching TV or sleeping, it\’s quite noisy in fact, with people talking and kids on board too. I\’m speaking to the young lady on my right throughout the flight but don\’t remember what it is we spoke about. This goes on for quite a while. Suddenly, yet almost as if I had expected this, the engines turn off. Everything becomes quiet, even the people stop talking. The plane begins to fall vertically out of the sky. We are no longer moving forward, just down. We crash into the ocean, at this moment I almost feel like I was awake because the dream became relatively lucid. I survived and remember looking for a way out. The dream now skips to being washed up on shore. It is now in 3rd person, however it is not me who has washed up on shore, but the small blonde lady who was sat next to me throughout the plane journey. She has washed up next to a prison. She walks around in a daze and sees an outpost. She reaches it and screams for help, at this point a guard walks out and tells her to sit down, he then goes to check out if anyone else has washed up ashore, and that\’s where the dream ends. I woke up feeling quite sad, as if I\’d just seen a really depressing movie.

Posted 2 years ago

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