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I cut my dogs throat

I had a dream that I took a pair of kitchen scissors and cut my dogs throat. Immediately, I regretted doing it. I kept saying ” I hope this is a dream”. My dog, despite having just been hurt by me, looked at me with love and yearning for my help. He was not dead and there was no blood but I felt as if he was going to die, there was no saving him. I get panic and regret but I was not crying or even sad. When I woke up I was sick to my stomach. My dog is my baby and I cant shake this crazy dream! I’ve fed him extra treats all day.

Posted 7 months ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

You subconsciously feel that you have hurt or are not paying enough attention to a loved one. It may be your dog, or the dog may symbolize another loved one who you feel you have hurt unfairly. This would be someone who trusts you, but whose trust you feel you have betrayed. You are feeling guilty about something.

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Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

This sounds like a truly awful dream. It is your worst nightmare for something to happen to your dog and you would never hurt him. I often dream of doing things I would never ever do. Sometimes I think it is just our fear of it happening that overwhelms us and actually comes out in our dreams. It is almost as if we are doing it ourselves we can control it and not do it. Please don’t let this dream make you upset. You know that you would not hurt him. It is the thought that it is in your head that is disturbing you. It is your FEAR of something happening that has planted the thought there. I have these fears about something happening to my grand daughter. I hate to even have the thought in my head. It has never happened in a dream. Our mind works in very odd ways and all the negative stuff has to come out in some form. Also if I am worried about something, I dream something even more awful. This puts the original worry into perspective and I wake feeling not so bad about the original thing. Your dog is safe and well and you love him, enjoy that feeling.

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