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I died and became a ghost

I’ve dreamed that an accident happens ( i think it was an earthquake ) and i died. An unknown man is searching for me and calling out my name, he goes into a building then he saw my best friend crying out of fear because of the incident. He asks my best friend where am i she just said “i don’t know” (like she doesn’t even care if i’m still alive or not) then he goes upstairs he searched for me everywhere but he can’t find me, then he cried and it seems like he is going to give up searching for me, when he was about to go down stairs i shake the cabinet ( because i’m annoyed that he is already giving up) a cellphone suddenly fell on the ground then he goes to pick it up and he just found out that it was my phone and a record plays that i died because the cabinet fell on me my best friend also told him that i died because of the cabinet. He searched around the cabinet, the inside, the top everywhere but he can’t see my dead body ( i think i was murdered because why would i record it on my phone while i’m dying and why is it that my body isn’t there) he burst into tears and lost all of his energy i really want him to see me even if i’m a ghost but he can’t i also cried and i wished that i’m alive i want to hug him but i just can’t then i finally woke up….. i just wanna ask what does it mean sorry if you can’t really understand my story :D but i’m really really curious who is that man since i don’t have any boyfriend or husband and he’s so young to be my father he doesn’t even look like any of my boy friends( as in friends okay) i’m really curious why is he searching for me and crying he even lost his energy when he found out that i died….. please i really want to know what this means…………

Posted 1 month ago

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