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I dreamed i was shot in the head

The setting of my dream is down in the middle of my street in front of one of my long time friends home, it’s late and cold out, with snow just as it is now. I was coming home from my evening class, which ends around 9 every week night, and as i walked down my street i noticed two young men pushing a familiar object on the other side of the street. The object is a big red bin, sort of say, something i used when i worked in target to bring items from the back room to the sales floor. The two younger men look at me and wonder if im from a rival gang or what my business was walking that late in our particular neighborhood. I look away and keep walking but as i near my friends house i hear them yell for me in such a way where i should prepare for a fight. I looked across the street and who was probably the oldest of the two pulled a gun out. I tried to explain I lived on the block my whole life and that i even knew people in his gang, one i was a part of at a younger less stable part of my life. I guess he wasn’t buying it, and as i tried to duck he let off a shot towards me. I got up angry as he joked “it didn’t even graze my ass”. I had been shot in the upper left side of my head, with the bullet stuck in my head. I remember feeling the blood start to drip down my ear, and they notice me having trouble making my way up my friends stairs to ask for help, they run over to see if i was joking. were at the top of the stairs, im calling for the oldest brother of my friends who still is an active member of the gang. As i do the two try to stop me knowing they were in trouble. the youngest wants to help but the oldest wants to leave, the youngest insist on calling an ambulance so the oldest does as my head wobbles and my speech slurs. The only thing on my mind is that i wont see my newborn baby and how im gonna leave my fiance to raise it alone. The oldest calls the cops off his phone and is telling them where i am and i start to yell over his lie that i was hurt and say ive been shot. the younger one holds me and i look deep into his face, no one i’ve ever met, but the only one who knew the sin. The oldest hangs up as i hold on to the youngest pulls him away and leave me then i wake up. I have a numbers i start to think of even when making my account on this site i almost put it in, but its 1890 i know the number as a former account number, birth year for Benito Juarez a president of mexico who my school was named after and has popped up several times in my life. I dont know why but i have a feeling its a date of my death or 1-8-2090. If thats the case then im kinda upset i know it, any ideas tho?

Posted 2 years ago

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