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I dreamed I was super high or drunk

I don’t remember as clearly now but I do remember having to take my toothache medicine (I was at my best friend stefs house btw) and next to my normal medicine was this white pill…well my friend is a huge partier and was all about drugs an alcohol and uses it etc. so I assumed it was a drug pill. I got curious and took it along with my medicine…then I was at school and didn’t remember I took the”drug” and was confused to why I was so dizzy and slow…I ended up in class, and my friend Jesse asked a question about his work..I can’t remember his question but I read it and answered it and was pleased wit myself because I thought my answer was pretty frekin intelligent lol…then he was like “what??” Nd looked really confused and that’s when I realized what I just said made no sense….then the class started to spin, and I put my head on the desk..kind of gently banging it..that’s when I realized I was high..or drunk.(I tried weed once a long time ago but never drank before..I’m 16btw) I tried to answer his question again but I couldn’t get out any words..I was trying to say something but it sounded all slurred nd like gibberish I put m head back down..somehow I ended up in stefs kitchen ..just me her and her mom…her mom was talking about stefs party on friday(she really is having one this Friday) and was saying how she isn’t going to go to jail for providing us alcohol etc.(which really happened today when I went to her house) I don’t remember what happened next but I ended up walking outside with stef…and my vision went black, and I just went apeshit and started spinning on my head and idk doing creepy things nd laughing..and I kept asking stef what I’m doing now because my vision was completely black…then wondering how crazy I must look on the sidewalk to ppl driving by…then stef said ..don’t worry I gotchu…then picked me up and ran to the house..which was not even the same house…no I looked in the mirror and my face looked like I had white powder on it..and I thought to myself, “was tht a cocaine pill?” Then my face started getting fat and swollen and big…nd I got paranoid thinking no one can see me like this…then I went to the bathroom the lights were off and for some reason, I was to scared to go in..and started thinking the devil was in there nd once I go in..the doors will shut behind me etc.when I looked back into the hallway mirror, my face didn’t have powder on it and my swollen face mostly went down….then I woke up!

Ok so I think this has something to do with the fact tht I actually do have stefs party on Friday..and there will be drugs and alcohol..just hookah…and bottles nd beer…and since I never drank before..stef said she will take care of me etc..and last night I just convinced my parents I I can sleepover her house and as strict as they are, they actually said yes. So I will be able to sleep over (parents not knowing bout the party) sleep off my hangover until the next day…so y did I have this dream? Is it a warning? I am the only one of the friend group that’s never done these things…so am I like scared? I don’t know

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Yes, it is the stress and tension that you are having about the entire alcohol and drug things that is the cause of the dream. The dream is urging you not to do things that you know should not be done. The complications and consequences can be extremely damaging and so it is recommended that you make the right decision after carefully balancing your choices. The dream is hinting that you may be wrecking your career and your goals by opting to be a part of something wrong. So, rather than making all your well earned points sink in the drain, try to act sensible in the party.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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