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I dreamed I was trapped during a attack

What I remember in my dream was I was working(though this is not my actual job) in some type of shop in the a mall, we had movies, candies, shoes, clothes, everything really. I was with what I’m guessing was my girlfriend, two of my supervisors from my actual job in my waking life, and two random co workers when we heard shooting and screaming. Instantly we closed our shop and put it under lockdown. The lockdown was like a movie lockdown, pretty much a panic room. I was the only one not screaming or crying, until I heard people banging on our store door for help. That’s when I started to freak out, I even called my mom and dad and told them that I wouldn’t be home because I was going to die. Then I hear the people screaming and crying saying “no” repeatedly. And I was just cowered in a corner picturing what was happening outside. Then I noticed a slight tapping on our shop and I fell into a whole panic. My two supervisors tried to calm me but it wasn’t working. That’s when I woke up. I was sweating really bad when I woke up and everytime I closed my eyes I fell back into the dream. Soon enough I fell asleep again and I was back in the same dream. But the shop wasn’t in lockdown anymore. Everyone but my two supervisors were dead. When we walked out of the shop we saw all the shooters cleaning up their mess, they were cleaning the blood off the bodies and re dressing them in cleaner clothes. They just let us go, I saw one guy without a mask on(all the others had masks on) and I started having a conversation with him. I don’t remember the entire conversation but I remember I asked him why they did this mass shooting and he told me because they needed the bodies art. I was so confused and I just ran off. My supervisors following me until we got outside. When we got outside all the cops and fbi people where dead. That’s when I woke up and the dream was over.

Posted 11 months ago

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