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I dreamed of A brother I don’t Have?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a very strange dream. I never had a dream like this and it seemed so real. In my dream, I was wandering outside in the snow. (That’s another thing, a lot of my dreams have snow in them…). I seemed to have been in some sort of snowy clearing but I don’t know where. And then that’s when I heard a male voice calling my name. I turn around and found a teenage boy, probably 17, standing behind me. I remember he had dark hair. In the dream, I somehow knew that this was my older brother and I felt comforted and I guess happy to see him. He felt strange but familiar. So I walked up to him, and the first thing I asked him was “Where have you been?”. He then replied, “I’m sorry it’s been a while.”. Then this is the really out -of-place part; I noticed that on his left cheek, he had a smear of blood across it. Even myself in the dream was shocked by this so I asked him “Why do you have blood on your face?”. He then wiped the smear of blood and smiled to me while saying, “It’s nothing, don’t worry.” and then that was it, and I woke up.
So this is why I find this dream so strange; the thing is, I’m the older sibling in my family. I have a younger 11 year old sister, which don’t get me wrong I love, but she can sometimes be very anoying & careless. I’m often the one who has to put her in line and people often tell me I care a lot about her and all that. But the teenage boy in my dream, my “older brother” seemed so familiar to me, & I found myself for the rest of the day thinking about him and the dream. I made sort of a self interpretation as I thought it over. Lately I haven’t been quite myself. I have too much things I’ve been bottling up and no one to really tell them to. I’m so used to being independent. My parents are divorced and my friends recently haven’t been very “friendly”. So when I have a problem, I usually cope with it by myself. Can someone tell me what my dream means? Why and who is this brotherly figure I dreamt up? And what does the blood that was on his face mean? I really had no idea what that meant, can you tell me? It really puzzled me.
Thanks in advance.

Posted 2 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

Dear love one,
Snow is purification and divine.
If you’ve been prayerful, it’s an answer to it, the bro is your guide. .your angel, watching over you and bringing your worries to God.
Whenever you’re lonely, your angel is around you to keep you company.

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Answered By: maryjackson(8 points Novice)

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