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I dreamed that I was angry because I could not get any stronger than I

The dream started off at my appartment. It was like 12am and I felt this weight on my chest. I looked at my hands and I felt so weak so fragile. Images of Jesus looking down on me, he had this disapproval face plastered on, and he said you will remain just as you are. I reappeared at my appartment and I was pissed off. I put on my gym clothes, got my phone, got my keys and headed out for the gym. I was putting my whole soul into my routine, I was lifting twice as much as I usually do but I still felt weak. I pushed my body even further to the point were I was squating 1600 and felt a sharp pain on my thighs. I felt even more fragile, tried to stretch them out and got ready for a run. I wasn’t prepared to stop yet and half way through my run my legs gave in. I cursed at the father, I yelled “why.. why.. why can’t I break through my human bonds. Why can’t I become something more, why do I have to share the same limits as everybody else. Why can’t I be more.” I felt such rage, a rage like no other, I stood up and bashed my face into the brick wall next to me, I repeated until the blood covered my whole face and clothes. With one final jolt of energy I crashed my fist against the wall, my hand had broken through but when I pulled my arm back my hand broken along with my fore arm. I yelled, an unhuman amount of energy was released and took off into a sprint. I was running fast, faster than ever before until I reached a mirror, this mirror was so bright and the image before me left me breathless. I looked taller really tall, I was cut more cut than ever before, I feet changed with large claws but my hands were still my hands except I had claws instead of nails. My face looked like a wolf with long hair, a lot of hair and very puffy but straight. I was this dark grey color, my tattoo was still on my body, a jet black tribal from my fore arm up to my chest, down the left side of my back down my butt rapping over to my thigh and down to my foot. My eyes were jet black and my irises were this neon crisp white with a solf blue near the pupil and the edges of my irises. I felt the power, this great strength seeping out of every pore. I took a deep look into my eyes than I woke up.

Posted 1 year ago

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