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I dreamt about a friend I havent seen in awhile was chasing me and s

In my dream a guy Im friends with and havent seen in while was chasing me and I was trying to hide from him relentlessly…I boarded windows and just get trying to hide…I ended up in like a hair salon or shop and he tried to shake my sister down looking for me and before I knew it he had a thug with him , the thug was wearing a purple shirt and he shot me….the next faze of the dream I was still trying to get away and couldnt believe I wasnt dead from the shot….I hid from him in my childhood neighborhood where we are both from….he now has a female with him and she helping him look for me as I hide. Eventually they find me and now Im afraid of what hes gonna do…the wierd thing is once he captured me he was nice like a true psycho path…Im thinking during the course of the whole dream why would he want to hurt me.

Posted 1 year ago

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Interpretation #1

This is a very strange dream, I\’d say it means that your deep down scared this guy might hurt you. His still nice, but he can sometimes get out of hand and you are scared of this. Purple in dreams often mean spirtutually, so I have no idea why the guy who shot you would be wearing it.

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Answered By: Dreamy(4 points Novice)

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