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I dreamt I gave birth to a baby boy

I dreamed that I had to go to the hospital for something I don’t remember. I was sleeping in the hospital bed when I started feeling pain. (Not for real but dream me was groaning in pain) there was some people who I didn’t know there and a boy where a beanie was recording. The the doctor came in with a nurse and gave me a random ultrasound. The nurse looked over at me and said you are in labor. I was still myself and didn’t even remember having sex in fact I thought I was a virgin but I obviously wasn’t. I saw the ultrasound and the baby looked high definition. I gave an easy birth to the baby and my grandmother walked in smiling (which is weird since she doesn’t want me to get pregnant right now) I told her how this happened and my dream did that weird time jump thing so I was now at my grandmother’s house. My mother was there and she was smiling to (also very weird) then I told her “I can’t believe I had a baby, I’m to young I’m 17.” (This is my age) my mother said nothing so I hot up to talk to my sister (who has a 1 year old son) I was holding the sleeping baby when I noticed the color of the baby was white and he looked Asian (you know like Japanese or Chinese Philippine, along those lines) and I started thinking that this baby sure is bright. ( If you haven’t figured it out i am black) but I soon woke up and was totally confused.
This dream has happened before, not the same way. But I would be either going to have a baby are be holding a little boy so confused does anyone know what this dream means. Does it have a deeper meaning or does it simply mean I babysit for my sister to much

Posted 7 months ago

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