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I dreamt I was a monster

Before I start, This dream was in first person which is odd,I never remember my dreams and I am actually depressed (I am seeing help so dont worry). So my dream was that I arrived to this lovely new village and everyone seemed so nice. A woman invited me into her house and she kept serving me food, cakes and drinks but she seemed nervous. She held her child really close to her as I left. I said thank you and left her house. As I left the house I was getting a lot of looks. I looked down at my hands I looked normal. An old man said come with me please, so I did. He brought me to his backyard and told me I was a monster and I had to look at my hands one more time.. I looked at my hands to see they were pale, old looking with long black nails. but that vision of my hands went away. He gave me a description of what I looked like heres what he said “you have pure black eyes, long black hair and pale skin”. He told me I had to leave the village and leave earth entirely. So, I left the village and went home and my family couldnt see the me as a monster. I ran to my room to follow the instructions of the man and before I could start my brother walked in and said “your a monster”. and the dream ended. wtf o_o

Posted 1 year ago

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Interpretation #1

becoming the ‘monster’ is a common dream upon dreamers that have a dirty mind, your brain is trying to picture scary things with pervy things and there comes this dream…

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Answered By: NightHelix(7 points Novice)

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