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I dreamt that the Moon crashed into Earth, followed by the Sun.

I dreamt that I was in a car with my boyfriend who was driving. It was
May 27, 2016
Under: Prophetic or Ominous Dreams
By: destinymill
For a little background information… My boyfriend and I have been together off and on for 10 years. Mostly on and living together during that time. Our relationship has always been rocky at times because my mother and even some of my friends never approved of me being with him because he comes from a rough background and has not been successful at anything since graduating from high school. Recently, he had some drug problems and we broke up for a couple of months. During this time I was trying to move on with my life because he seemed to be going down a dark path and I didn\’t want to follow him. During this time he was homeless and it made me feel very guilty because it was like I gave up on the person I loved and left them on the streets because I was scared. I finally let him move back in when he seemed to be clean from the drugs. It\’s been about two months since we have been living together again and we were working on our relationship when I found out that he got another girl pregnant during our 2 month break. He wants to stay together but I can\’t handle sharing him with another woman and her child. I\’ve been devastated and wishing that I can make it work but I don\’t think I can deal with it, it\’s too much. I figured I\’d explain our current situation since I\’m in the car with him in the dream.

I dreamt that I was in the car with my boyfriend, who was driving. It was daytime and suddenly we saw the moon crash down into the earth in front of us and explode into pieces. He began serving the car, trying to avoid running over people who were laying dead in the street. I was worried about what it meant for the earth to be without the moon and what other bad things would happen side from the damage it caused when it crashed. We kept driving but we weren’t going home, it was like we were in shock. Then suddenly it was dark outside and as I was wondering why it had become dark outside I turned to my left to look out the driver’s side of the car and saw the sun down near the ground in what looked like a valley far off. I realize this doesn’t make sense since the sun is much larger than the earth but that’s what it looked like In my dream. Then I turned to him and said that when the sun crashes we all are going to die. We were both panicked and I said that I should call my mom. At this point the sun didn’t seem to be moving but it appeared to be so close to the ground that I was convinced that it was going to crash too. My boyfriend handed me my cell phone so I could call my mom but before I could dial anything I woke up. Can anyone help me interpret if this dream had any significance?

Posted 1 year ago

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